Joyo R-Series Preamp House

Preamp House is the newly released pedal from JOYO R-series, delivering 9 preamps in one pedal! It has a 65-Twin, JCM900, AC30, LONESTAR, DUAL RECTIFIER, 5150Ⅲ, POWERBALL,  TH200, BE100 and more. Each amp features clean channel and distortion channel and can be switched by Footswitches (18 tones in all). Due to the 2-channel design, you can switch easily between Fender’s Clean and Marshall’s Distortion! One built-in cabinet simulation facilitates stage performance, FX LOOP interface for external FX pedal with a balanced Output. The Preamp House is a user-friendly and stable tone solution for musicians who perform and record frequently.

Code: R-15


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