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OUR COMPANY – Yesterday, today & tomorrow

Our family business was established in 1969 by Karel Landman. Over the years KMI grew from a small company which started in a garage to a respected multi-national corporation with over 120 specialised and dedicated employees.

In the past KMI has distributed many world-famous brands like Gibson, Epiphone, Moog, Kurzweil, Pearl Drums, Rickenbacker, Ovation and many more. KMI has always been a trendsetting distribution company in the Benelux, and was the first to represent new brands like Native Instruments, Steinberg, Ableton and Propellerheads. We helped growing these brands from day one.

Today KMI is proud partner for premium brands like TC Electronic, DynAudio, Tannoy, Electro-Harmonix, and Washburn amongst others. Our oldest relationships are still based on gentlemen’s agreements and are going stong for more than 30 years. We are in it for the long run. No quick win cowboys here.

TRACK RECORD – we build your brand

All of the brands and companies mentioned above have one thing in common – they all speak highly about KMI and the services we have provided in the past, and are still providing today. Building a brand takes time, and we nurture and grow your brand step by step, together with you.

BRAND PORTFOLIO – you are in good company

With KMI your brand is in good hands, and in good company! Our team including our dedicated account managers is able to represent your brand in the best way possible in the complex and shattered multi-lingual / multinational market that is the Benelux.

You cannot compare Europe to the United States, or compare France to the Benelux. The unique characteristics of our market make distribution and marketing a real specialty job. The devil is in the detail, as always. With KMI as your partner, you can be confident that you will find your products at all the right places, at the right time. Anytime!

DISTRIBUTION – connecting your brand to local markets

Our warehouse and offices are strategically located in the heart of the “Randstad” area in the densly polulated western part of Holland. We are just 15 minutes away from Schiphol Airport, 30 minutes from Rotterdam seaport and close to major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Antwerp. Our location next to the A4 highway ensures great access to road and train transport.

FACILITIES – modern and professional

This may not look like a core asset at first, but we are proud to run a smooth operation from a modern facility which reflects the quality of your brand. Logistics, service and repair, receiving partners for meetings and simply providing a great place to work are equally important for the way we do business.

MARKETING & SERVICE – our cutting edge

What really sets us apart is our great team of dedicated professionals. Thanks to our loyal employees we can do more for you, than just moving boxes from left to right. For a brand to succeed it is essential that after-sales service and marketing live up to the high expectations of dealers and end-users.

A flawless service experience ensures returning customers and great word-of-mouth promotion for your brand, be it face-to-face or via social media. A fact many times underestimated, but nonetheless vital for the succes of your brand and acceptance amongst musician and producer communities.

Our in-house marketing team consists of 4 highly qualified full time members. We do more than just forward your print ad to a music magazine. To truly connect with local end-users it is necessary to localize and translate all brand content for all channels, not just replicate it.

Our main focus is not our own website, but more on the websites, social media channels and newsletters of our dealers. That is the only place to connect with your potential customers, fans and brand advocates.

SOFTWARE – custom built platform

We pride ourselves in developing and implementing our own software applications. We know of no other MI-distributor in Europe or the United States – large or small – that is able to create and integrate software systems and cloud services like we do. Thanks to our in-house development team and a long-term partnership with two IT companies, we have a strong focus on technical innovation.

With the advanced knowlegde and experience of our software engineers, we are able to tackle complicated IT issues. This results in smart e-commerce applications, mobile websites, tight integration with retailers, higher service levels, fully automated retail stock replenishment, automated online stock updates, fast deliveries and much more. 

ARTIST RELATIONS & EVENTS – get into the groove

For many years KMI is partner for both global and local events, ranging from the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival to the international Dance Fair, and everything in between. Moreover various media production companies rely on our products, services and stores to produce great video content for national television shows and webcasts. Do you get the picture?

Last but not least, we are actively supporting talented musicians and famous artists. Be it on the cover of a magazine, in a TV show or for a European tour, thanks to our extensive network you gain access to the best endorsers for your brand. We provide sponsoring services which benefit both brands and artists.

Interested? Let’s get in touch and plan a meeting! Have a cup of coffee or grab some lunch. We know a few great local spots. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

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